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  • A guide to interview follow up

    When most of us walk out of a job interview, it’s not uncommon to breathe a sigh of relief. Regardless of whether it went well or not, it can be tricky to judge the right protocol with following up. Is it better to do nothing, and wait for …

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  • Balancing your private life with your Private PA role

    Striking a balance between your personal and professional life is difficult in any job. But for Private PAs, it can seem virtually impossible. When you work to your principal’s schedule, travel with them and are expected to be on call at almost …

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  • How to talk to your talent pool

    Seasoned hiring managers will understand the demographic and behaviours of their target audience. Is it Gen Z, Gen Y or Gen X? Or, are you looking for return-to-work mums? Whoever you’re targeting, the first rule of engaging with your Candidates …

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  • How to stay motivated during your job search

    Job hunting can be difficult. It’s time consuming, tiring and when unsuccessful, a source of frustration. And while you need to keep your productivity up, you also need to stay motivated. Use these tips to keep going until you reach your career …

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  • Five ways to outsmart your interviewer

    When you interview for a role that you really want, you simply can’t afford to bring anything less than your A-Game to the meeting. I’m sure that you will have read the job description carefully, picked your lucky outfit, and prepared your …

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  • Want to work in the City? Here’s how

    For many, working in the City is a lifelong ambition. Living in London, working in the fast paced and exciting finance industry can be a dream come true. But how can you ‘get in’? What’s the appeal? Some of the oldest, most …

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  • Five key differences between a job ad and a job description

    Even the most well-seasoned of hiring managers and HR specialists will occasionally confuse and use job ads and job descriptions interchangeably. It’s crucially important to differentiate between them though - they serve two very different …

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  • Five inside secrets of a recruiter

    It’s not uncommon for Candidates to misunderstand the role of a recruiter. Sometimes our Clients engage us because they don’t have the time to recruit, but more often than not it’s because we’re the experts who know how to find …

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  • The events you need to know about this spring

    Private PAs, these are the events you need to know about this spring: If you need to keep your boss, their family or other guests entertained this spring, look no further. We’ve gathered some of the most exclusive events for your consideration. …

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  • Ten interview red flags to look out for

    Nerves have a habit of getting the better of us when we attend interviews. But if we can put those nerves to one side, there’s something to be said for paying close attention to the workplace and people while there.  Doing so will help …

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